natural products made in our village kitchen

to empower

inspire entrepreneurship

We do not believe in charity, we believe in empowerment.  

why we exist

we believe that people empowerment through entrepreneurship will help build sustainable communities around the world 

how it works

we have a team of inspiring leaders  who live on the ground to mentor the entrepreneurs to convert their passion into profit. 

what we do

our artisan entrepreneurs hand make amazing wellbeing products that we bring to our customers who share the values with us. 

According to a study by the World Bank, the growing body of evidence proves the linkages between empowerment and effectiveness of the development on the society and personal grassroots level.

And personal empowerment is  "...a process in which a person who lacks power sets a personally meaningful goal oriented toward increasing power, takes action toward that goal, and observes and reflects on the impact of this action, drawing on his or her evolving self-efficacy, knowledge, and competence related to the goal.”